JetBlue Offers You MORE

More value and certainty for Spirit shareholders, more competition for the Big Four airlines, more great experiences and low fares for customers, and more opportunities for crewmembers and communities.

We urge Spirit shareholders to vote “AGAINST” Frontier’s inferior offer.

Spirit shareholders have an important opportunity to maximize the value of their investment at Spirit’s upcoming special meeting. With a higher all-cash price, an accelerated prepayment, stronger divestiture commitments, and a higher reverse break-up fee, JetBlue’s proposal is clearly superior to Frontier’s inferior offer. And yet, the entrenched Spirit Board of Directors has not acted in its shareholders’ best interests, preventing them from receiving the most attractive value-creating opportunity available to them.

Why?  We believe the answer is a clear conflict of interest.

A vote “AGAINST” the inferior Frontier proposal will send a clear message that Spirit shareholders want the Board to pursue JetBlue’s superior offer, ensuring maximum and certain value for their investment and a better airline for all stakeholders.

Vote “AGAINST” the Frontier proposal on the BLUE proxy card today.

JetBlue’s All-Cash Superior Proposal
Offers Greater Value and Closing Certainty 

The Superior JetBlue Offer

  Substantial premium

  Certain value in cash (versus stock)

  Immediate value with prepayment of $2.50 per share

  Closing certainty

  Stronger regulatory commitments

  Substantially higher reverse break-up fee

  Payment of a monthly ticking fee

The Inferior Frontier Offer

  Flawed process

  Lower price

  Value risk from stock consideration

  Similar regulatory profile

  Greater overlap with Spirit on nonstop routes

  Lower reverse break-up fee

  Fewer regulatory commitments